Technical questions


What is deep-linking? Deep linking is a process of making a hyperlink to send a user to a specific page inside a website, instead of website’s index or home page. In most of the cases the standard tracking url that a affiliate get is for Home Page whereas for affiliate websites its vital to send … Continue reading How to Deep link PayOOM Tracking Links

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I have different sources of traffic, can I add source IDs in my tracking link. Yes you can do same with our tracking Platform by adding source IDs.Source IDs are an easy way to attach information about various traffic sources for a tracking links. They can be found in any tracking report, down to the … Continue reading How to add Source to Your PayOOm Tracking Links.

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How can I pass a sub-id in the Payoom Tracking link? ( Simply add  &aff_sub= Subid to your tracking link ) An affiliate Sub ID will allow you to pass unique values (I.e. A user ID or any other user information) into the tracking link that can be passed back into your conversion tracking pixel. The … Continue reading Using Sub-id’s with PayOOm Tracking Link

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